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(1)Implementation Award (Completed August 31, 2003)

Winners were selected from both the "Award for Promotion" winners and
entries directly submitted to the "Implementation Award" category.

Grand Prix
1 work (selected from the 6 Award of Excellence works)
1,000,000 yen (total including Award of Excellence prize money)
Award for Excellence
6 works (3 selected at each of the review stages)
Total 1,500,000yen

Implementation Award - Grand Prix
Implementation Award - Awards for Excellence - First Stage
Implementation Award - Awards for Excellence - Second Stage
Special Judges Award
Murai Award
Other Implementation Award Entries
Idea Award
・Implementation Award - Grand Prix

Title : IPv6 Multicast Audio/Video Communication Tool File :

Name : Noritaka Osawa (Media Education Development Center) Country : Japan
Evaluator Comments:
- IPv6 multicast audio/video communication tool Using and IEEE1394 DV camera simple MPeg4 communication is possible Pointer control allows the quality of a selected portion of the video to be raised - a unique function.
- runs on Windows XP, simple interface, distribution level qualities were highly evaluated

* Entry Outline (Japanese only)

Implementation Award Winners

Award for Excellence - First Stage

Title : DVConf File :
Name : Keel Networks Country : Japan
Evaluator Comments:
- Windows XP platform requiring only simple configuration
- real time compression rate adjustment - flexible!
- distribution level software (very high level work)

Title : CyberLink IPv6 for Java File :
Name : Satoshi Konno Country : Japan
Evaluator Comments:
- Redhat9 + J2SE + Xerces 2.4.1
- opensource/UPnP/Java appeal!
- can be used as a base to build various IPv6-enabled networked devices
- can work on any device with Java virtual machine
- home appliance node search function
- demo is well done!

Award for Excellence - Second Stage

Title : IP Monitoring Tool File :
Name : Dr. Sureswaran Ramadess (University of Science Malaysia) Country : Malaysia
Evaluator Comments:
- Windows IPv6 network monitoring tool
- packet capture/packet analysis/network map
- functions and interface are of very high quality
- simply installed
- GUI operation is extremely simple - very good

Title : Conference over IP File :

Name : Yutaro Ono Country : Japan
Evaluator Comments:
- multiple user text/audio conference tool
- (CoIP Manager) server, (CoIP Player) client relationship
- GUI is easy to use; demo movie is very helpful
- performance control is geared toward the serious user - good!

Title : Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 File :
Name : Yeali S. Sun (National Taiwan University) Country : Taiwan
Evaluator Comments:
Hierachical administration of Mobile IPv6. Smooth handover between nodes.
Stable, original IPv6 stack praised for its high originality and potential.

Special Judges Award

Title : IPv6 Start-Up Kit File :

Name : Wataru Yokota Country : Japan
Evaluator Comments:
Software providing a simple IPv6 setup guide and IPv6 sample for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Simple navigation. An excellent idea!

Murai Award

Title : 3°(threedegrees)
Name : Microsoft Country : USA
Evaluator Comments:
Multimedia P2P Comunication Tool

Title : High Speed Access Network Technology by VLAN Technology and EAP Authentication File :
Name : NTT Network Service System Laboratories Country : Japan
Evaluator Comments:
EAP Certification and VLAN enabled High Speed Access Network technology.

Title : MIPv6 Powered Car File :

Name : Renault/Cisco Systems Country : France
Evaluator Comments:
Mobile IPv6 equipped automobile with using GPRS and WiFi to provide numerous in-vehicle and vehicle-to-vehicle services

Other Implementation Award Entries

Title : Network Racing Kart File :

Name : Kenji Yamamoto(ERK IPv6 Node Research Group) Country : Japan
Outline: electric racing cart with wireless LAN communication capability,
enabling audio and video communication among drivers, driving pit crew,
and reporters.

Title : Multicast peer to peer network File :

Name : Andreas Bergstrom / Audun Vaaler Country : Norway
Outline: P2P File Sharing Software

Title : Distributor File :
Name : Jason Heisse Country : USA
Outline: IPv6 TCP Load Balancer

Title : biffpop File :
Name : Hiroshi Nakata Country : Japan
Outline: APOP, IPV6 Multiple Mail Server Spool Checker
http://www.nakata-jp.org/ (Japanese only)

Title : IPv6 logresolve File :
Name : Hiroshi Nakata Country : Japan
Outline: provides host names of Apache logfile IP addresses
http://www.nakata-jp.org/ (Japanese only)

Title : IPv6 WMMail File :
Name : Hiroshi Nakata Country : Japan
Outline: Windows Maker Client - receive mail notice
http://www.nakata-jp.org/ (Japanese only)

Title : IPv6 Electric Block Module File :

Name : Hiroyuki Inoue Country : Japan
Outline: Remotely controlled electronic block with IPv6 module and
sensor functions built in. On display at IPv6 Promotion Council Galleria
in Tokyo.

Title : Prometeo File :
Name : Simone Tellini Country : Italy
Outline: Prometeo is an extensible, modular proxy with native support for IPv6.
Can be used to ease transition to IPv6 networks.

Title : Home in ZAURUS File :
Name : Akihiro Uehara Country : Japan
Outline: remote server control of home appliances

Title : IPv6 goes Peer-to-Peer File :

Name : Christian Grothoff Country : Germany
Outline: framework for secure peer-to-peer networking

Other Entries

Title : Implementing Networking Racing Kart File :

Name : Kenji Yamamoto (A society for ERK IPv6 Node) Country : Japan

(2)Idea Award

Applicants can apply with just ideas or proposals. The submissions will be disclosed on the contest's website in hopes that applicants will meet producers able to implement their ideas.
Ideas and proposals that can be implemented are highly valued. There is a condition that winners of an "Award for Promotion" must also apply to the "Implementation Award" category.

Award for Promotion
5 works
150,000 yen each for implementation assistance
Award for Planning
5 works
50,000 yen each
Other awards
Prize goods

Idea Award Winners
Award for Promotion

Title : MIDI Composition To Copyright Tool for IPv6 (MC2C6) File :
Name : Jessica Little Country : USA

Title : Parking Control System with MIPv6 File :
Name : Miguel Angel Diaz Fermande Country : Spain

Title : Apedometer and IPv6: A Health Administration System for Elderly File :
Name : Hiroko Furukawa Country : Japan

Title : Home in ZAURUS File :
Name : Akihiro Uehara Country : Japan

Title : Multicast peer to peer network File :
Name : Andreas Bergstrom / Audun Vaaler Country : Norway

Award for Planning

Title : Network Racing Cart File :
Name : Kenji Yamamoto Country : Japan

Title : Ingrate File :
Name : Norihiko Kimura Country : Japan

Title : Open Servo File :
Name : Akihiro Uehara Country : Japan

Title : Ubiquitous Radio File :
Name : Haruo Takagi Country : Japan

Title : Use of IPv6 RFID to Identify Illegal Vehicles File :
Name : Masahiro Isaka Country : Japan

Other Entries

Title : Advertising/Information Distribution for Net-based Home Appliances File :
Name : Yoichi Takenaka Country : Japan

Title : REM Alarm Clock File :
Name : Shoji Yoshida Country : Japan

Title : IPv6 goes Peer to Peer File :
Name : Christian Grothoff Country : Germany

Title : IPv6 Karaoke File :
Name : Jordi Palet Country : Spain

Title : MIPv6 Tracking system File :
Name : Jordi Palet Country : Spain

Title : Mail Magazine Converter - Barrier Free Messaging Tool File :
Name : Shinsuke Takahashi Country : Japan

Title : The XS26 Project File :
Name : Korak Slovakia s.r.o. Country : Slovakia

Title : Xirium Metaverse File :
Name : Dean Swift Country : UK

Title : IPv6 High Speed Access File :
Name : Yasushi Takagi Country : Japan

Title : IPv6 Service Card File :
Name : Thomas Eklund Country : USA

Title : New Concept Communication System File :
Name : Toshiharu Matsumoto Country : Japan

Title : Sunday Rocket Online File :
Name : Yoji Kawaguchi Country : Japan

Title : Individual Internet Protocol Addressing Service File :
Name : Faisal Abdulaziz Saddique Country : Saudi Arabia

Title : InfoRoamer v6 File :
Name : Heekwan Kim Country : Korea

Title : Botanics v6 File :
Name : Heekwan Kim Country : Korea

Title : Moodsphere File :
Name : Heekwan Kim Country : Korea

Title : The IPv6 based prototype of PDA-type dementia monitoring system File :
Name : Sun Kook Yoo Country : Korea

Title : IPv6 Supported Products File :
Name : Dai Omoto Country : Japan

Title : IPvSys: Intelligent Personal Vacation System File :
Name : Nen-Fu Huang Country : Taiwan

Title : IPv6 Home Caring System File :
Name : Sun Kook Yoo Country : Korea

Title : Understanding your body with "DigiQ" File :
Name : anonymous Country : Japan

Title : IPv6 Public Multimedia Payphone File :
Name : Lung-Sing Liang Country : Taiwan

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