IPv6 Promotion Council
Transition WG
Main Purpose of WG
Noting the popularization of IPv6 Plans may need to be arranged to facilitate the switch from conventional internet platforms. At this WG, we plan to make a specific innovative deployment model(scenario, cost, architecture etc.) and extract specific solutions for study. Our goal is to use these results to compile "The Innovatice deployment Guidelines" and share them. While reflecting on the results of other WGS we will examine the Innovative Deployment model in relation to quality control and Interconnectivity evaluations

Latest Information / Activity Report of WG
With the goal of sharing the results of the IPv6 Deployment case studies, the IPv6 solution case study Presentation has been get to occur.
The 2005 version of the IPv6 Deployment Guidelines have been published.
For questions, comments or requests about the IPV6 Deployment guidelines, send emails wg-dp-comment@v6pc.jp.

2005 version of the IPv6 Deployment guidelines
- About 2005 version of the IPv6 guidelines[78kB]
- Home segment[4.5MB]
- SOHO segment[1.1MB]
- Case study in the use of IPv6 in shops with SOHO[315kB]
- Enterprise segment[790kB]
- -IP telephone case studies in enterprise networks[94kB]
- Case study on IPv6 multicasting animated messaging systems innovation in autonomous networks[922kB]
- ISP segment[1.5MB]
- Security segment[3.6MB]
- Data center segment[681kB]
- Tips regarding IPv6 investment plans[616kB]

2004 version of the IPv6 Deployment guidelines are out!
For questions, comments, or requests about IPv6, email wg-dp-comment@v6pc.jp.

- About IPv6 Deployment guidelines[144kB]
- IPv6(home segment)[[1.8MB]
- IPv6 (SOHO segment)[1.5MB]
- IPv6 (Enterprise, autonomous system segment)[1.7MB]
- IPv6 (ISP segment)[1.7MB]

IPv6 Deployment Guideline (English)
The "IPv6 Deployment Guideline" was unified from the 2004 conference version and the ministry of General Affairs' Version and translated to English. This document can now be referenced.
Presentation Data: Establishment of "Deployment Subcommittee"
- Support the smooth deployment of IPv6 to homes, businesses, ISPs etc.
Foundation prospectus of the Deployment Subcommittee

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