IPv6 Promotion Council
Purpose and background
The number of Internet users exceeded ninety four million in 2009 bring the percentage of the population using the Internet to 78 percent according to an MIC report. TV's, information appliances and equipment and devices in buildings are all controllable via the Internet. Moreover, many new services will be provided in the next generation Internet, including in various areas such as ITS, mobile networks, learning and shopping. IPv6 was developed for this next generation Internet.
Next generation Internet using IPv6 provides a new infrastructure in a high information society supporting more attractive and convenient shopping, services in daily life and business activity. To develop this new social infrastructure in a timely manner, many bodies, like private companies, government agencies, organizations and personal users need to collaborate with one another and utilize their intellect to enhance the promotion of utilization of IPv6 strongly.
Based on the above background, the IPv6 Promotion Council established a membership agreement aimed at increasing membership and improving its executive capacity.

Under the e-Japan Priority Policy Program introduced in March 2001, the Japanese government set the goal of realizing an IPv6 enabled network environment making it possible for anyone to collect, process and transmit information anywhere. The IPv6 Promotion Council will contribute to the realization of this goal by promoting cooperation among government, industry and academia.
1. Pursue an international leadership role for Japan in the Internet field
2. Develop rich human resources for continuous development of a new infrastructure for a high information society
3. Promote new business and vitalize existing business in hardware, software and service of networks and devices