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IPv6 Appli- Contest 2004 Winning Entries

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Grand Prix and Top Prize in the Corporate Category of the Implementation Award
(1 work / 1,000,000 yen and a Panasonic IPv6 Network Camera)

Title : Network Audio Adaptor File :

Name : TOA Corporation
Evaluator Comments :
  • a P2P hardware/software development to allow high quality audio broadcasts over IP networks
  • very well developed user interface allowing remote browser based control, tuning and evaluation
  • lower cost of management and deployment by broadcasting over Internet
  • IPv6 ready development reduces cost, administration and overhead in introducing this hardware to a corporate network

  • Award of Excellence in the Corporate Category of the Implementation Award
    (2 works / 100,000 yen)

    Title : Real-time Multimedia Remote Education Tool File :

    Name : Noritaka Osawa, National Institute of Multimedia Education
    Evaluator Comments :
  • a multicast, multi-function audio-visual communication tool to allow remote meetings/classes
  • automatic multicast address setup allows very simple multicast distribution and reception
  • interactive functions enable two-way communication.
  • classifying clients by sender/receiver is characteristic of an "Educational System".

  • Title : Adhoc Communicator File :

    Name : Do Wan Kim, Jae Hyun Lee, Shin Hyun Yang, SK telecom, IMnetpia Co., Ltd.
    Evaluator Comments :
  • The fact that this application was ported to IPv6 is of great merit in the respect that users can participate in Ad-Hoc Communication without any recognition of an IPv6 network as allowed by the function of automatic address setup of IPv6.
  • As it is possible to communicate at any place that has no access point, this application enables ordinary users to use whenever and wherever they want. Therefore, it would be more powerful if it was easier to deploy across a wider range of platforms.

  • Top Prize in the General Category of the Implementation Award
    (1 work / 300,000 yen and a Panasonic IPv6 Network Camera)

    Title : SIPv6 Analyzer File :

    Name : Whai-En Chen
    Evaluator Comments :
  • SIP and RTP packets collected automatically by session, creating SIP message flowcharts
  • There are several tools which can show packet header info graphically.
  • Uniquely focused on SIP protocol with functions to collect individual Call-ID and to view each sequence. Useful and practical.
  • Easy to use this tool without need for detailed explanation.

  • Award of Excellence in the General Category of the Implementation Award
    (2 works / 200,000 yen)

    Title : Managed Syslog Server File :

    Name : Yutaro Ono
    Evaluator Comments :
  • very easy to use - you can make detailed Syslog Server settings with a simple to use Windows based GUI
  • setup files can be edited with a Text Editor - offers direct browsing of settings
  • It will save Syslog as a text file, depending on the setup daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • It is a highly practical piece of software with a very well developed user interface that is ready for use as installed

  • Title : AICCU: Automatic IPv6 Connectivity Client for Users File :

    Name : Jeroen Massar
    Evaluator Comments :
  • an automatic IPv6 connectivity client
  • simplifying an authenticated tunnel with a very easy to use GUI.
  • allows you to view attributes and choose a tunnel server
  • ready to use as an IPv6 tunnel to overcome NAT.

  • Top Prize in the Idea Category
    (1 work / 100,000 yen and a Panasonic IPv6 Network Camera)

    Title : IPv6 Wireless-LAN Radio / Multiuse System File :

    Name : Katsuaki Takei
    Evaluator Comments :
  • A system using IPv6 multicast to provide multilanguage real time contents in an event setting.
  • It is a good idea that employs the strengths of IPv6 in processing high level, real-time contents with multicast.
  • Although the idea was expressed to be utilized for events, it may be great if it were adopted as a base for distribution of contents to the public.
  • It is noteworthy that the idea looks at the concept of simultaneous distribution of contents on a level of millions of people.
  • It is a system which has focused well on the function of IPv6 multicast and applied it well with scale. It seems to be practical.

  • Award of Excellence in the Idea Category
    (2 works / 50,000 yen)

    Title : Intelligent Management Library File :

    Name : Tzung-Yuan Chen
    Evaluator Comments :
  • It exemplifies a good application of IPv6 address space by sending introducing IPv6 to books and advertising RA from a bookshelf.
  • There may be possibilities to be applied for various things, such as to multicast queries based on ISBN based IPv6 addressing.

  • Title : Managing of a Multilevel Parking Lot using IPv6 File :

    Name : Hiroshi Okamoto
    Evaluator Comments :
  • It could be applied to manage not only the vacancy of parking lots but also to seating in movie theaters and trains.
  • I hope to see this introduced - it looks like it could also be applied to multiple parking lots without fear of address butting.
  • This solution meets our expectations. Look forward to seeing it carried out!
  • After introducing a system such as this, it may be possible to control the vacancy in the parking lot and allow advance reservations.

  • Idea Award in the Idea Category
    (20 works / 10,000 yen)

    Title : Tool for methodical IPv6 deployment File :

    Name : Eva M. Castro

    Title : An IPv4/IPv6 Proxy File :

    Name : Mikael Formanek

    Title : Collaboration Tools File :

    Name : Mikael Formanek

    Title : skiIPv6 File :

    Name : Mikael Formanek

    Title : Memory of the star File :

    Name : Akihiro Uehara

    Title : STG (Insert and Connect) System File :

    Name : PS-X

    Title : IPv6 Multipoint to Multipoint Videoconferencing System (MCSv6) File :

    Name : Sureswaran Ramadass

    Title : Publication Direct Printing Service File :

    Name : Kenji Kobayashi

    Title : "Stride over" signboard File :

    Name : Satoshi Kitano

    Title : Mobile Manners Using IPv6 System File :

    Name : Tomomitsu Baba

    Title : Interactive order system File :

    Name : Hironori Arishima

    Title : IPv6 Heat Island Countermeasure System File :

    Name : Shuichiro Fukada

    Title : Autonomous objects File :

    Name : Andreas Bergstrom, Audun Vaaler

    Title : Real Time Traffic Control System File :

    Name : Akihiro Seto

    Title : Streaming Server by Home Video Camera File :

    Name : Kazuyuki Mori

    Title : Afforestation Support System by IPv6 File :

    Name : Masaki Shibata

    Title : Future Internet Digital Camera File :

    Name : Takahiko Furuta

    Title : IPv6 Animal communication File :

    Name : Dai Chiba

    Title : Endoscope, With Ease File :

    Name : Ayumi Nozawa

    Title : Health check in the toilet everyday File :

    Name : Mitsunao Nakano

    Top Prize in the Advertising Category
    (1 work)

    Title : Panasonic.biz IPv6 Site
    Name : Panasonic Communications Co., Ltd.

    Award of Excellence in the Advertising Category
    (1 work)

    Title : IPv6 on Everything, Power to Everything
    Name : BII Group Holdings Ltd.

    Award of Commendation in the Advertising Category
    (3 work)

    Title : Support for the Construction of IPv6 Multicast Transmission "4th MEDIA" for Plala Networks
    Name : UNIADEX, LTD.

    Title : KNOPPIX
    Name : Alpha Systems Inc.

    Title : KNOPPIX
    Name : National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
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