Implementation Category


Entry Registration Start : September 14, 2005
Entry Deadline : November 14, 2005
December 12, 2005
Software Submission Start : October 17, 2005
November 1, 2005
Software Submission Deadline : November 30, 2005
December 26, 2005
Awards Ceremony : mid-February in Tokyo


Grand Prix (1 entry) Prize 1,000,000 JPY!!

Grand Prize winner will be selected from the among the Top Prize winners of the two contest categories. The 1,000,000 JPY Grand Prize includes Award of Excellence prize money.

Corporate Category

Top Prize (1 entry) : Prize 300,000 JPY
Award of Excellence (2 entries) : Prize 100,000 JPY

General Category

Top Prize (1 entry) : Prize 300,000 JPY
Award of Excellence (2 entries) : Prize 200,000 JPY

Application Requirements

  • Applicants can be companies, groups or individuals of any nationality.
    Applicants are required to submit the contest application in either Japanese or English.
  • The entry should be a new or updated/expanded IPv6 software application.
    If the entry is an update/expansion to an existing application, copyright issues concerning the base application should be confirmed and cleared by the entrant before making the entry.
  • If the entry is not in the form of a software application please indicate so at the entry registration phase.

Application Conditions

  1. Entry Registration must be completed
    Software submissions cannot be accepted without an advance registration.
    Software Submission Period: October 17 through November 30 November 1 through December 26.
  2. Platform/conditions necessary for installation/running the application
    The application should run on one of the following OS versions:
    • major Linux distributions: Kernel 2.4 or later
      (RedHat Linux/Fedra Core, Turbolinux, VineLinux, SuSe Linux, Debian/GNU Linux etc.)
    • FreeBSD 4.9-Releaseor later or 5.1-Release or later
    • WindowsXP SP1 or later (Home Edition, Professional Edition)
    If third party middleware or plug-ins are required to run the application, these should be provided with the entry or be available free of charge to the Contest.
    For entries running on platforms other than those listed above, please contact the Contest Secretariat or provide details with your advance entry registration.

How to Apply

  1. Advance Entry Registration
    All software submissions (Nov. 1 - Nov. 30 Dec.26) MUST be preceded by an advance Entry Registration.
    Please click the button above to access the online application form which will request the following info:
    • Applicant Information (name/address/mail etc.)
    • Entry Title
    • Entry Outline (purpose/goal of the application)
    • Operating Platform (OS, OS version)
    • Other (provide detail if the format/platform differs from the standard guidelines)
    multiple entries from a single applicant require individual registration to be repeated (one entry per registration number)
  2. After Completing Entry Registration
    Following advance entry registration, an ftp account id and password will be assigned to each registered entry in Nov (forwarded to the registered mail address).
    The ftp account information will be necessary to upload your application. Please be sure to save this information.
  3. Software Submission Format
    Using the account provided, please upload your application the ftp server.
    Submission Period: November 1 - November 30 December 26, 2005
    Further detail will be provide with the ftp account info from around mid-October, however the following submissions will be required to complete the Implementation entry.
    • [Implementation Application Form]
    • software package and source code
    • all tools necessary for installation (middleware, plug-ins etc.)
    • installer or installation manual
    The [Implementation Application Form] will request the following information:
    • entry registration number
    • entry title
    • purpose/goal/motivation for the software
    • portion of the software developed for the purpose of the Contest
    • how does the application employ the merits of IPv6
    • a detailed visual description of how you envision the application being used
    • operating platform (including OS version/tools etc.)
    • documentation of results (a screen capture/movie file and explanation of the application running)
    If the installation requires third party tools that can be provided withoutÅ@copyright issues, please include them with the submission. If the application uses tools that cannot be provided freely, please understand there is the possibility the entry cannot be screened and the entry may not be included in the judging process.
    Please provide an installer with the submission.
    If the software cannot be automatically installed please provide a detailed installation manual that will allow any user to easily install the application.

Application Regulations

  1. The applicant will maintain all applicable intellectual, technology and design copyrights for entries submitted to the contest, but the right for disclosure and distribution of entries submitted will belong to both the applicant and the Contest Organizer.
    Entries must be unpublished and unsold at the time of application.
  2. The number of entries per applicant is unlimited.
  3. Submitted entries will be disclosed on the Contest website.
  4. Costs associated with entry must be paid for by the applicant.
  5. Please submit entries after ensuring that the submission does not invade any copyrights or related rights of others.
    When copyrighted or related rights materials, such as art, motion picture, photography or music are used, please ensure approval from the rights holders before applying. If an invasion of rights or compensation for loss is insisted by a third party, the applicant must take full responsibility and handle the issue.
    The Contest Organizer will not be held responsible for such issues.
  6. Concerning any damage or loss which may occur during transportation or the Contest, or any other related damages, the Contest Organizer will not accept responsibility for compensation. If applicable, applicants must have insurance for entries or related documents.
  7. If the Contest Organizer reproduces or edits the entry for the sake of judgment, the control of the reproduction is endowed to the Contest Organizer.
  8. Entries submitted become the property of the contest and cannot be returned.
  9. Concerning matters not detailed in the Application Procedures, any decision required by the Contest Organizer will be considered final. If the applicant disapproves of the decision, the applicant may withdraw from the Contest within 7 days of notification.
  10. The Application Procedures are based upon, interpreted and made effective by Japanese law.
    If a legal issue arises, the Tokyo District Court will be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of first instance.

Judging/Awards Ceremony

  1. Judging Standards
    1. What contribution is made to create a new Internet experience?
    2. How will the contribution promote and spread IPv6, the next Internet protocol?
  2. Judging Criteria
    The Evaluation Committee, which consists of board members of the IPv6 Promotion Council, IPv6-related groups, public organizations and media related companies will select winners. The judgment will be based on the performance of implemented applications and software, and also the supporting material expressing the development concepts.
  3. Announcement of Results
    Winners will be notified from the Contest Secretariat directly. Please note that only Award Winners will be contacted. Also please note that questions cannot be answered concerning decisions of the Judging Committee.
    Winners will be announced both at the Awards Ceremony and on the Contest website.
    Notification to a third party will also be done using publication resources provided by the Contest Organizer.
  4. Awards Ceremony
    The Awards Ceremony will be held as a conference session of Global IP Business Exchange 2006 on February 16, 2006.